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Our Mission

Our mission was set in stone on the Amazon River, to provide you with long lasting memories and incredible personal experiences of the world’s tropics. To deliver to you the same enchantment as you watch colourful macaw parrots fly above the water and disappear over the lush rainforest canopy.

Breathing in fresh air from the lungs of the Earth, your senses alive with the sounds and colours of the rainforest, you watch giant blue butterflies fly gracefully between the banks. Your guide says with a smile that it’s time to make your first steps into the rainforest, and you start filling your camera with the memories of a life-time.

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  • what lodge amazon rainforest

    Eight Days

    Tahuayo Lodge Iquitos, Peru

    You can visit the highly regarded Tahuayo Lodge & Amazon Research Center as part of this tour of the bio-diverse Tahuayo Reserve. You are assigned a private guide & you can choose an itinerary to reflect your interests. Boasting the most itinerary options in Amazonia, you can whiz through the trees on the canopy zipline, view poison dart frog initiatives, & observe different monkeys on the A.R.C primate research grid. Read more >>
    Private Guide, Zipline, Primate Research Grid
  • what lodge amazon rainforest

    Five Days:

    Delfin I Luxury Cruise Iquitos, Peru

    As entrée to your luxury Amazon cruise, you will be chauffeured in the Delfin limo-styled coach from Iquitos airport to the dock of the luxury Delfin I. After relaxing with Peru’s famous cocktail, you will board the Delfin I to enjoy your own vast suite complete with personal pool, massages & sophisticated cuisine by candle-light. Delfin provide 8 person skiffs & modern Kayaks so you can explore the Pacaya Samiria National Park in detail. Read more >>
    Spacious Suites, Personal Pool, Massages
  • posada amazonas lodge, puerto maldonado

    Three Days:

    Posada Amazonas Lodge Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    Perfect for your first experience of the Amazon Rainforest, you will only be 45 minutes from Puerto Maldonado while you experience abundant Amazon wildlife. You will tour around Lake Tres Chimbadas, visit a working farm, walk an ethnobotanical trail, and observe Amazon birds on the Canopy Tower. The Posada Amazonas has a wellness center where you can enjoy a massage or aromatherapy treatment after your walks in the Amazon wilderness. Read more >>
    Canopy Tower, Wellness Center
  • refugio amazonas lodge, puerto maldonado

    Five Days:

    Refugio Amazonas Lodge Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    This lodge has the only children’s trail in the entire Amazon Rainforest making it ideal for a family adventure. We will tour Lake Condenado and climb the Canopy Tower to view animals of the vast Tambopata National Reserve, and after a rainforest walk, you can relax in the wellness center with aromatherapy treatments or a massage. Read more >>

    Children’s Trail, Wellness Center
  • tucano amazon cruise

    Eight Days:

    Tucano Amazon Cruise Manaus, Brazil

    The Tucano Expedition Cruise begins and ends in Manaus, Brazil. You will cruise the Central Amazon Ecological Corridor on the Tucano, the only tour able to fully experience the reserve. You will explore many Amazon tributaries, both on forest walks and small-boat trips, and have a chance to visit deep forest settlers. You will visit terra firme and varzea forests to see colourful birds, monkeys, and magnificent rainforest trees. Read more >>

    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

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