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5 Things You Didn’t Know About

  1. When you ask questions on Amazon tour pages, you enquire directly with tour owners & operators not agencies, so you receive quick, up to date & accurate information from people running the tour. In our opinion, this is the best way to guarantee the tour knows you’re coming.
  2. Your payment is arranged directly with the tour owners, or official tour operators for community owned projects, and they usually organize payment by direct transfer, credit card, or Paypal. Because of this, you receive an equal tour price to the tour owners themselves i.e no markup, which saves you money. Often the tour price is offered at a lower rate than tour owners & we will be constantly working to lower this for you. You can also find out about any discounts or deals straight from the tour operators. After your enquiry, we will introduce you to your sales representative for the particular tour.
  3. We protect threatened South American habitat for every tour booked with the tour owner / operator using, which helps you offset your carbon emissions from traveling. You will be sent your personalized conservation certificate after your booking. We donate enough per booking to help protect at least 1/4 of an acre and often 1/2 an acre. You can read our page on the World Land Trust charity site for details.
  4. We make sure you receive a quick and adequate response suggesting alternatives if your tour is booked. If you would you like some help, we’re also here to offer you advice on which tour suits you best.
  5. Last of all, as you deal directly with tour owners, our service is completely free. All you have to do is browse our extensive collection of the top Amazon Rainforest tours and make your enquiry directly to the lodge or cruise owner. Our mission is to raise awareness of the tropics and how irreplaceable they are by giving you an incredible personal experience. We hope you have a fantastic time in the Amazon Rainforest! Tour Selection

The tours and lodges are hand picked for their experience and highly regarded reviews, are run by exceptional staff and offer you outstanding wildlife viewing in a comfortable setting. Tours first tick the box for a fantastic experience of the Amazon Rainforest either for exceptional wildlife viewing or an engaging experience with local communities. Tours then demonstrate an active understanding of ecotourism by involving local inhabitants in the tourism operation and environmental awareness.

Tours demonstrate an understanding that if they care for the environment it provides a better experience for you, both because it increases biodiversity and provides an authentic Amazon experience. Finally, tours have a proven ability to take care of visitors from start to finish. The majority are recommended by nature or travel companies like National Geographic or Outside Magazine.


Our Guide pages on were mainly written from our Frequently Asked Questions. It includes information on What to wear in the Amazon, What to take to the Amazon, Where to stay in the Amazon, and some other information we thought would be useful. There is also information for specific localities in our Destinations section for Manaus, Iquitos, & Puerto Maldonado e.g. is there malaria in Iquitos? Feel free to ask us more questions as we’re happy to help and it also gives us ideas for more articles to write. Also, if you’re interested in guest posting an article for either our Rainforest Information or Amazon Guide articles let us know.

Tour Advisor & Info

Ash - Author & Travel AdvisorAsh: All the informative content on has been written by Ash Card. Ash is a brilliant young adventurer with a background in Biology. He has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Zoology with first class honors. Ash’s thesis was on mimicry in tropical rainforests, which was discovered 150 years previous in the Amazon Rainforest.

Where possible, information is sourced from peer reviewed scientific journals, and is otherwise from personal observations or 3rd party sources (universities, research institutes, or museums – Sources). As information and research is constantly changing, when you notice an error please let us know.

Ash () has a passion for travel, conservation and Nature. Born in England, he has visited over 16 countries and lived in a few of them. He has worked on one of our tours in the Peruvian Amazon and now resides in the Australian Wet Tropics.

First visiting South America on a whim for study break, he has since returned and travelled extensively throughout Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia in an attempt to experience the Amazon Rainforest in its entirety. To his delight, Ash has realised this vast expanse of rainforest would take many lifetimes to explore.

Ash meets with various lodge owners, tour operators and guides to ensure all of our tours are of high quality to offer you the best possible rainforest experience. Contact Ash.


Bjorn AdolfssonThe photos for the articles are mainly from tours featured on this site. The photos are taken by rainforest guides and others are donated or sourced from various photographers. One of the photographers featuring his work on our rainforest articles is Björn.

Björn Adolfsson: Björn lives in Sweden and travels several times each year. He has a love of travel and nature, and his main passion is taking photographs of endangered animals and plants. Björn’s work is currently featured on the rainforest life articles, notably Amazon Crocodiles and Amazon Snakes. If you would like to contact Björn about his photography, see his full gallery, or purchase photos, you can send him a message with the contact form below or find Björn on Facebook.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design | PrarthnaPrarthna Prasad: Prarthna has a love of design, science and nature. She specifically enjoys the soothing effect of nature on our psychology, which is the reason you often see nature in places that may invoke stress, such as the stereotypical fish tank or nature photos at a dentist or doctor’s surgery. Our affinity for nature has been termed biophilia and is the focus of Prarthna’s latest project providing nature stencils for your home interior. If you are interested in nature stencils for your home walls or craft projects, both custom and pre-designed, or scalable vector graphics, feel free to contact Prarthna using the contact form below.

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