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Maned Wolf Tour

Nearest City: Barreiras, Bahia, Brazil

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Operated by South Wild- Tour Operates July-August

  • Barreiras (Brazil)
  • Hyacinth Macaws
  • Maned Wolves
  • Tool-using Capuchin Monkeys
  • The Pantanal
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Maned Wolf Tour – DAY 1

You land in Barreiras in the late morning. Your naturalist guide meets you and immediately drives with you in an air conditioned vehicle for 3.5 hours north on asphalt into the southern part of Piauí State. Lunch at one of several possible roadside restaurants (depending on your degree of hunger). The last hour of that drive is quite scenic, with a number of dramatic 1,000-foot-tall, red-rock cliffs and mesas.

At that point, in the hamlet of São Gonçalo do Gurgueia, switch to sit in seats or benches with cushions in the open back of a large four-wheel-drive pick-up truck. Drive 30 min (13 km) on a rock, dirt, and finally sand road to the Wolf Valley Camp, first of the Wolf Camps. This camp is famous for its large flock of Hyacinth Macaws seen at a roomy blind (“hide”) that is located 2 km from camp. Within 10 steps of the camp itself are wonderful, photogenic Tufted-eared Marmosets and colorful birds, all at eye level with natural backgrounds that are ideal for photos.

Check-in to your roomy, double-occupancy bungalows with private bathrooms, and then head out in the pickup to the Hyacinth Macaw blind to try to get some close-up views (from 9-20 m) of these amazing macaws, the largest of the 345 parrot species of the world. The flock of macaws often exceeds 20, and even 40, and on extreme days, more than 60 or 80. The record is 106 macaws there at the same moment. The birds are both on the ground and in low trees, thus affording perfect chances for observation of behavior and for photography with a non-sky background, which makes their bright blue color stand out superbly.

Return by truck to the camp, warm shower, dinner, and overnight at Wolf Valley Camp, which lies on the very edge of the 1.7-million-acre Parnaíba Headwaters National Park. Electricity for lights and camera charging are in each bungalow and stays on until 930 pm or 1000 pm, as agreed upon with you and your guide.

L, D and overnight at Wolf Valley Camp included.


Visit the macaw blind (“hide”) again in the morning for 2-3 h of observation and photography of this, the world’s most spectacular parrot. Then return to the camp and marvel at and photograph the colorful birds near camp and in and near fruit feeders near camp. A family of Tufted-eared Marmosets visit quite often as well.

In the afternoon, drive slowly for 1 hour on a 23-km-long, sand road, into the very heart of the national park, enjoying the cliff scenery and stopping for photos at the Burrowing Owls and for spectacular views of “Red Mountain”. Check into roomy bungalows at Wolf Cliffs….our rustic camp in the center of the park. Our bungalows each have a private bathroom with flush toilets (flushed by hand with a bucket). Showers are taken with warm water available in large, clean buckets, camp-shower style. This camp is visited so seldom that is like camping in bungalows rather than like a finished lodge. BUT the location is worth it–on a hilltop with views of tall red cliffs in the distance. And the location is DOUBLY WORTH IT, for the world’s tamest and more reliable Maned Wolves arrive to forage in natural settings just a few meters of the camp. Sometimes the wolves arrive during the late afternoon or early morning light, but often they arrive after dark. Every one of the scores of guests who visited the Wolf Camps in 2011 saw Maned Wolf there at the Wolf Cliffs Camp.

B, L, D and overnight at the Wolf Cliffs Camp included.


Try to see the wolves in the morning, but if they are not around, we observe birds, such as the brilliantly-colored Jenday Parakeet, and in the mid morning drive back to Wolf Valley Camp for lunch.

Often in July and August, there are one or two very photographable Blue-and-Gold Macaw nests near either Wolf Valley Camp or Wolf Cliffs or not far from the 20-km-long sand track that links the two.

In the afternoon, visit the macaw blind again or observe birds and marmosets near the camp.

B,L,D and overnight at Wolf Valley Camp included.


Drive very early, near sunrise or before sunrise, for 2 hours on sand, dirt, asphalt, dust, and sand road to the Capuchin Valley Camp in a remote, scenic valley north of the national park. The reason for the extra early departure is to try to reach the CVC in time to see the world’s only visible troops of Capuchin Monkeys that show the world’s most complex tool use by a non-human primate. These industrious monkeys gather and then wield special, heavy, igneous hammer rocks to crush palm nuts that they place carefully in divots on softer, sandstone anvil rocks. The monkeys perform this foraging trick for two periods each day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. We want to get there early enough to see the morning session. As the monkeys now are so accustomed to human observers, one can watch this unique tool use from close range without use of a blind or hide.

Some groups of guests will view this amazing behavior for a good session in the morning and then plan to drive back to Wolf Valley Camp in the middle of the day. Other guests will stay until the late afternoon to see the second nut-cracking session by the monkeys, and then will drive back to Wolf Valley Camp.

And finally, tougher guests accustomed to even more rustic camping may choose to sleep at Capuchin Valley Camp in small tents that are just tall enough to stand up inside. For those who sleep overnight at CVC, there are warm camp showers, private bathrooms for each tent (but of a dry, camp-toilet style), and cots or inflatable mattresses inside the zip-up tents. For those who wish more comforts, it is best to return to Wolf Valley Camp for the night.

B,L,D and overnight at selected camp included.


Today we visit the Hyacinth Macaw blind again at Wolf Valley Camp and enjoy more views of the excellent fauna near the Wolf Valley Camp, including King Vultures. Depending on availability and on the quality of the wolf viewing on the first visit to Wolf Cliffs Camp, we may do an afternoon visit to Wolf Ciffs Camp to try see the wolves again. Sleep that evening EITHER in Wolf Valley Camp (more likely), or perhaps at Wolf Cliffs if we need more time to see the wolves well.

B,L,D and overnight at selected camp included.


One final day at Wolf Valley Camp (formerly Hyacinth Valley) to work on the large flock of macaws and on the other fauna there.

B, L, D and overnight at Wolf Valley Camp included.


We pay one last early morning visit to the flock of Hyacinth Macaws and then in the late morning, we leave Wolf Valley Camp and drive 30 min on sand to the hamlet of São Gonçalo and then 3.5 h on asphalt to Barreiras, in time for the sunset flight back to Brasilia.

B, L included this day.

** Please remember that Day 7 can be any day but Sunday.

Maned Wolf Tour Rates

Flights from Brasilia to Barreiras – Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri.
Prices in US Dollars – 7 days / 6 nights – July-August

Private Guide: $1950

Prices Per Person Based On Two People Sharing

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