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Wasai Tambopata Lodge

Tour Begins: Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Tour Of: Tambopata Reserve, Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Tour Type: Amazon Rainforest Lodge

Wasai Tambopata Lodge photo
Wasai Tambopata Lodge Peru

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The Wasai Tambopata Lodge, Puerto Maldonado, Peru

  • Puerto Maldonado (Peru)
  • Macaw Clay Lick
  • Canopy Climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Tambopata Reserve
  • Trail Network
  • 5D / 4N:
    US$ 714
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Wasai Tambopata Lodge Information

Wasai Tambopata Lodge is in the heart of the southern Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. The lodge sits 120 km up the river from the small town of Puerto Maldonado in the wildlife rich Tambopata Candamo National Reserve. Around the lodge, you can find an extensive network of trails reaching across 20km of rainforest. You can visit local communities, El Gato Waterfalls, parrot and mammal clay licks. The position of the lodge within the reserve and the short distance to the Peruvian Andes creates a unique environment for a diverse assemblage of animals and plants.

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Wasai Tambopata Lodge – Description

A destination in itself, the lodge is positioned for access to the main amazon rainforest attractions like the large macaw clay lick where many macaws and parrots gather to eat medicinal clay.

Wasai Lodge Rooms

The lodge can accommodate a total of 50 travellers in 21 cabins constructed with local materials in a regional style. Most of the cabins have a river view and all have a private bathroom, mosquito nets, and terraces with hammocks. The central building includes a dining area, bar, common areas to relax, hammocks, library, kitchen, and a WI FI zone.

Wasai Tambopata Lodge Peru

Wasai Tambopata Lodge Tours

The lodge provides different activities including kayaking the waterways, fishing, tree climbing, wildlife observation, a zipline, and rope bridges in the Amazon adventure circuit. There is also a secluded two floor building for camping or Ayahuasca ceremonies

Wasai Tambopata Lodge Peru

Wildlife at the Wasai Tambopata Lodge


  • Dusky Titi Monkey
  • Squirrel Monkey
  • Brown Capuchin Monkey
  • White-fronted Capuchin Monkey
  • Red Howler Monkey
  • Saddleback Tamarin
  • South American Coati
  • Capybara

Reptiles & Amphibians:

  • Yellow-Footed Tortoise
  • Jungle Runner Lizard
  • Anoles Lizards
  • Geckos
  • Bushmaster Snake
  • Coral Snakes
  • Anaconda
  • Greenish snakes
  • Dead Leaf Toad/Crest Toad
  • Cane Toad
  • Poison Dart Frog
  • Tree Frogs
  • Rain Frogs


  • White Throated Tinamou
  • Cinerous Tinamou
  • Little Tinamou
  • Undulated Tinamou
  • Variegated Tinamou
  • Bartlett´s Tinamou
Wasai Tambopata Lodge Peru

Wasai Tambopata Lodge Credentials

Certified by Rainforest Alliance March, 2011

Wasai Tambopata Lodge Peru

Wasai Tambopata Lodge Rates – Per Passenger – 2013

3 Days / 2 Nights:

  • (Double Occupancy)

  • $95 (Single Supplement)

4 Days / 3 Nights:

  • (Double Occupancy)

  • $108 (Single Supplement)

5 Days / 4 Nights:

  • (Double Occupancy)

  • $144 (Single Supplement)

Boat Trip | 3 Days / 2 Nights:

  • (Double Occupancy)

  • $73 (Single Supplement)

Road Trip | 3 Days / 2 Nights:

  • (Double Occupancy)

  • $60 (Single Supplement)

Not Included

Entrance ticket to protected areas (US$ 36.00 for the 5 days program, US$ 24.00 for the 4 days program and US$ 12.00 for the 3 days program).
Entrance fee subject to change by SERNANP.

Customised Tour Please enquire for customised tour ideas.

Protected Area Entrance Fees

Entrance fee to National Park and Reserve, subject to change without notice by the SERNANP.


Children under 5 years, free tickets to the National Park and Reserve.
Children Rate is considered until the age of 11 years, accompanied by 02 adults.

Seasonal Variation

Single Supplement unenforceable in Low Season (December to March)
Surcharge for Christmas and New Year programs: 3 Days $ 20.00 and in programs of 4 to 5 days $ 35.00 per person

Required for Reservation

Information required for reservation: full name of the passenger, date of birth, passport number, age, occupation, gender, nationality, size of boots, special requirements for diet and flight arrival / departure from/to Puerto Maldonado


Passengers must carry a hand luggage for a stay of 02 days in the jungle. The rest will remain in custody in Wasai Maldonado.

What to Bring

Passengers should bring: flashlights, raincoat or poncho for rain, binoculars, insect repellent, sunscreen, towel, pants and cotton long poles, several pairs of socks,


Programs are conducted in English and Spanish. Other languages have additional net rate of $ 75.00 per day per group (French, German and Italian)

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