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Manu Nature Tours

manu nature tours

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Manu National Park is regarded as one of the most pristine National Parks in South America. It is also the largest park in Peru. Located just north of Cusco, Manu National Park covers over an impressive 1.5 million hectares of habitat. The most popular sights in Manu are the clay licks, where hundreds of macaw parrots congregate to feed off clay. You can view these clay licks while staying at the Manu Wildlife Center, a popular choice for tourists visiting the Manu area. As part of the Manu Wildlife Center stay, you participate in Manu nature tours to see the diverse and interesting wildlife of this enormous National Park.

You don’t have to venture far from the lodge to see abundant wildlife. The Manu Wildlife Center is located just a 90 minute walk from a tapir lick, where you can see the largest land mammal in South America. And a short 30 minute boat journey will bring you to the main attraction, a fantastic macaw lick to observe an avian display of sound and colour.

The forests around the Manu Wildlife Center are inhabited by many different monkeys you can observe when walking the center’s trails. You can visit the canopy platforms and the large lakes, which are home to giant otters, caiman, and hoatzins.

Due to the impressive size of Manu National Park, you can also visit the cloud forest on the slopes of the Andes. Here the flora and fauna change markedly and to observe the transition is an experience in itself. Ascending into the clouds, you can stay at the Cock of the Rock Lodge where you will venture out to see this impressive mountainous, forested landscape. As the lodge’s name implies, located close by is also the display ground of Peru’s national bird, the cock of the rock.

When you walk through the pristine cloud forest you may see capuchin monkeys, woolly monkeys, spectacled bears, and many colourful birds.

If you are interested in viewing both the lowland forest of Manu and the cloud forest, a highly recommended Manu nature tour, you can join the Bio Trip on the Manu Programmes page.

The clay lick in Manu was thought to be the only one in 1984, however, since then 18 others have been found in south eastern Peru. We know of others from local people, and it is likely there are many more hidden within the thick forests of Manu. The macaws that use them are any of the 16 different species that inhabit the area between Mexico and northern Argentina.

To view more Manu nature tours you can visit the Manu Programmes page or the Manu National Park page, which includes more information on the park itself. You can also view other National Parks in South America and browse our list of recommened Amazon Jungle Tours in Peru and Brazil.

amazon nature tours

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