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We have just finished adding some fantastic birdwatching tours in Ecuador that span the country. With support from the World Land Trust, the JocoToco Foundation have protected eight reserves in highly threatened habitats throughout Ecuador. Reserves featured are the Jorupe Reserve, Rio Canandé Reserve, Buenaventura Reserve, and Tapichalaca Reserve.

The reserves protect a multitude of threatened and near threatened animals, including many endemic and range-restricted species. The reserves include forest that has been saved in the nick of time from deforestation and are testament to the power of restoration ecology and forest recovery. The foundation has established lodges in the reserves so tourists can enjoy the areas, including the only lodge in the world where you can see the Jocotoco Antipitta. Lodges can be visited independently or as part of one of the JocoToco Foundation Tours.

Tambopata Homestays and Manu Tented Camps

We are currently adding homestay options in the Tambopata National Reserve. The homestay initiative was established by the local communities who wanted to free Tambopata from the growth of Puerto Maldonado. They aim to keep their homes and reserve free from development and have adopted ecotourism as a potential solution. This will give you a budget friendly option of touring the Tambopata area as the locals also provide tours.

Another option we are adding is Manu National Park Tented Camps. You can enjoy the wonders of Peru’s most pristine national park by being at one with nature and sleeping out in the wilderness. Heaven!

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tahuayo jaguar

New Jaguar photographed on T.R Amazon Research Center trail grid (2nd Feb 2013) – View A.R.C Page

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