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To celebrate the release of Manu Tented Camps on, you now receive a lower rate on all tours to Manu National Park, plus the Heath River Wildlife Center and Sandoval Lake Lodge in the Tambopata National Reserve (lower than the tour operators themselves). Just make your enquiry for each tour straight to the Official Tour Owner / Operator through our tour pages and experience the largest and most pristine park in Peru. You can combine the tour with the Cock of the Rock Lodge or the Manu Wildlife Center or both!

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    Manu Tented Camps Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    Manu Tented Camp is a low impact lodge constructed to cause minimal disturbance to wildlife and situated within Manu National Park itself. The camp is located very close to Lake Salvador, one of the most picturesque oxbow lakes in the entire Manu region. The lake is home to giant otters you may spot on lake tours. As part of this tour you can choose from itineraries combining other lodges in Manu, such as the Manu Wildlife Center and the Cock of the Rock Lodge.

    Lowland Rainforest, Tapirs, Macaws

Location Help

As we have now collected a large range of top rated tours across the Amazon, we have released a few articles to help people choose where to base themselves. Each section will suit different people depending on what you want from the experience, your budget, and how much time you have. The Articles are for choosing between Manaus or Iquitos, Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado, Manu or Tambopata, and Iquitos or Manu.

Tambopata Homestays

The Homestay options are now finished and going through some final checks before going live. The local community of infierno have built homestay options in their settlement where you can fish, hike, visit Brazil nut farms etc. and this offers a very budget conscious alternative to jungle tours, however, it won’t equal the experience if your interest is mainly Amazon wildlife.

Thinkjungle page on WLT

Our page on the World Land Trust website is now up describing our commitment to South American tropical forests.

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tahuayo jaguar

Jaguar claw marks on a tree close to the Tahuayo Lodge, Iquitos, Peru – Photo with Javier Anibal Alvan Arevalo (Tahuayo Lodge employee). Jaguars sharpen their claws on hardwood trees in the Amazon Rainforest. Photo from 23rd February 2013.

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