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The Search Page is finally up and running ready for the addition of some more tours and lodges. A small search bar is included on the top right of each Amazon tour / info page that takes you to a search page where you can filter results. Have a play around and feel free to comment if you have any difficulties.

New Tours

We are now in the process of adding some tours and lodges in Ecuador, which were sponsored by the World Land Trust, and also some tours for the Galapagos and Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon Rainforest Frogs

Showing off some more amphibious photos from Bjorn, I have recently written a brief guide on some Amazon Rainforest Frogs you may see on your Amazon adventures. The next article on the cards is about Amazon Rainforest Explorers including naturalists, businessmen, and conquistadors.

This weeks comic strip excerpt – Explorer Joe circa 1951

Explorer Joe and the natives

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