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We have just added three new lodge-based tours in the southern Amazon’s Tambopata National Reserve. The southern Amazon has a more developed tourism industry than the north so there is more choice. These lodges will cater for most people interested in an Amazon Rainforest experience. You can contact the lodges directly using

The Posada Amazonas Lodge is the closest lodge to Puerto Maldonado (only 45 minutes outside the town) and is the best choice for those seeking a quick visit to the Amazon or for budget conscious travellers. The Posada Amazonas Lodge has a small wellness center where you can book some spa treatment suchs as a massage or aromatherarpy. Despite being so near Puerto Maldonado, you will still see abundant animals like the iconic Amazon Rainforest monkeys.

The Refugio Amazonas Lodge is a little deeper in the Tambopata National Reserve. The Refugio Amazonas Lodge has a larger wellness center than the Posada Amazonas Lodge and also a specially designed childrens’ trail making the Refugio Amazonas ideal for families.

The Tambopata Research Center is located further still into the Tambopata and is one of the Peruvian Amazon’s most remote tourist lodges (along with others such as the Tahuayo Lodge located in the northern Amazon region near Iquitos). The Tambopata Research Center was founded to protect one of the largest macaw clay licks where you can see hundreds of parrots visiting the lick to detoxify some food items the macaws have eaten in the forest. The lodge is also a research center as the name implies and houses scientists studying the macaws. Guests can interact with researchers to ask questions about the clay licks and other rainforest wildlife.

These lodges involve the communities in running the lodge and the operators have received Rainforest Alliance verification. The lodges also receive very good reviews for guest satisfaction.

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