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After June 9th, The Tucano Cruise from Manaus, Brazil, will release another options on tour: Kayaking! You will be able to quietly paddle the waterways scouting for animals and plants with your guide as he points out things of interest and teaches you about Amazonia. Each of the trips will be about 2 hours long in still and calm waters. Both experiences and novice paddlers will be welcome.

The Kayaks are simple ‘sit on top’ boats, which were available only in the USA. After taking 5 months to clear Brazilian customs, they are finally waiting for you.

Tucano Cruise

To enjoy the new options, for a short time, you can make the most of some discounts offered in June and July.

Departure dates, 2014: Jun 28-Jul 05 (7N) / Jul 07-11 (4N) / Jul 12-19 (7N).

For these dates, you will enjoy a $500 discount per person aboard the Motor Yacht Tucano.

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New Lodges

We have just added some new lodges from Iquitos to cater for travelers interested in a short Amazon Rainforest stay:

Ceiba Tops
We now offer Ceiba Tops, which protects the closest stand of primary rainforest trees to Iquitos in its own reserve. Ceiba Tops is a type of jungle resort close to the city and features a swimming pool, WiFi internet, and takes you on short tours to see Caiman or Pink Dolphins. Although the wildlife and Amazon Rainforest experience won’t equal tours that take you further into Amazonian biodiversity, this is a fantastic place to relax while getting a feel of the surrounding forest.

Explorama Lodge
Explorama Lodge is located a little further from Iquitos where you will take tours to see different vegetation including medicinal plants used by native communities to cure a range of conditions. On both the Ceiba Tops and Explorama Lodge tours, you can take an optional tour to the Canopy Walkway where you will gain a birds-eye view of the forest as you look for different animals and plants.

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