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Manaus Amazon Rainforest

Manaus, Brazil | Rainforest

Manaus, Amazonas, northern Brazil

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Manaus Amazon Rainforest

The Manaus Amazon Rainforest contains exceptional protected areas accessible from the city. The main protected area, which is the focus of Amazon Rainforest tours and the largest protected area in the Amazon Basin, is the Central Amazon Conservation Complex. This sits across the Rio Negro north of Manaus and extends almost as far west as Tefe in the central Amazon. This protected area contains a staggering 6 million hectares of Amazon habitat. It is composed of smaller reserves like the Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas (Anavilhanas National Park), Jaú National Park, Amanã Sustainable Development Reserve, and the Mamairauá Sustainable Development Reserve among others.

  • Amazon Clipper cruise

    Six Days:

    Amazon Clipper Cruise Manaus, Brazil

    Aboard the Amazon Clipper Jungle Cruise, you can choose from 3, 4, & 6 day itineraries to explore areas of the Amazon unreachable from other tours. The vessel’s shallow draught enables the Amazon Clipper to access hard to reach areas as we look for Amazon birds, monkeys, & plants. We leave the vessel on small boat tours to find iconic Amazon animals.

    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

The main component of the Central Amazon Conservation Complex is the Jaú National Park, which before assimilation into the mega reserve stood alone as South America’s largest forest reserve. The majority of time on many Manaus Amazon tours will be spent within the Anavilhanas Reserve. Here you will explore the diverse archipelago of around 400 different islands of the Rio Negro.

Dotted around the mouth of the Rio Negro, which mixes with the Amazon directly west of Manaus city, are 17 documented archaeological sites that you can visit on certain Manaus jungle tours. These sites include paintings and rock engravings from ancient Amazon people.

The animals of the Manaus Amazon Rainforest include many different Amazon species better seen in the above reserves than close to the city itself. The forest close to the city has been heavily degraded and many Amazon species are absent. However, you can get a sense of pristine rainforest and learn a bit about the forest in the Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden, one of the favourite Manaus city attractions.

  • Premium Clipper cruise

    Six Days:

    Otter Premium Cruise Manaus, Brazil

    The Otter Premium Amazon Jungle Cruise accommodates you in spacious all-outside cabins with private bathroom facilities, & hot showers. You can choose from 3, 4, or 6 day itineraries where we will leave the vessel to explore the wilderness in small guided boats to find monkeys, birds, reptiles, & plants of the Amazon Rainforest.

    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

In the Manaus Amazon Rainforest, and especially inside the protected areas, you can find 9 different monkeys, tapir, brocket deer, anaconda, giant Brazilian tortoises, macaw parrots, and jaguar. This part of the Amazon is known for its constantly changing mosaic of habitats. The Manaus Amazon Rainforest is home to 120 different mammal species, over 400 different birds, and over 300 species of fish. Reptilian life is comparatively low when compared to other Amazon areas with only 15 known species, however, you will be able to find caiman, turtles, and common lizards.

  • tucano amazon cruise

    Eight Days:

    Tucano Amazon Cruise Manaus, Brazil

    The Tucano 8 Day Amazon Jungle Cruise begins in Manaus, Brazil taking you to different sections of the Amazon Rainforest. You will explore the forest in small boats with professional guides & take walks in terra firme & varzea forests on the lookout for monkeys, colorful birds, reptiles, & plants. 8 Day & 5 Day Itineraries.
    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

If you want to explore the Amazon Rainforest to see popular Amazon animals and plants, the recommendation is to take an Amazon cruise that travels far from the city and into the exceptional wildlife of the Amazon Conservation Complex protected areas. Aboard expedition cruises like the Tucano, you can leave the vessel with professional naturalist guides to explore the forest on walks and small boat tours. The Tucano Amazon Cruise is currently the only vessel that travels deep into Amazon Rainforest from Manaus, however, the Amazon Clipper, Premium Clipper and Otter Premium explore the many lakes, tributaries, and forests within the Anavilhanas.

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