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Manaus, Brazil | Attractions

Manaus, Amazonas, northern Brazil

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Manaus Attractions

In any Amazon Rainforest city or town, the main attraction is the surrounding wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest. The best thing to do in the city is to leave the crowds and explore the rainforest on a top rated Amazon tour. You can cruise in comfort to explore natural wonders of brightly colored macaw parrots flying over the river, Amazon monkeys following you through the forest, and aquatic animals of the Manaus Amazon River & Rio Negro. These rivers are home to many animals including two species of river dolphin, giant fish, nocturnal caiman, manatees, and river turtles.

All of the Manaus Attractions are a product of the Amazon Rainforest in some way or another. The historic building and architecture exist because of the wealth obtained by rubber barons exporting rubber from the Amazon’s Hevea brasiliensis trees. The museums depict the rubber boom period, the native Indians that live in the Amazon, or the animals and plants within the rainforest. A summary of the forest and rivers to explore around Manaus is at the bottom of the page, but first we will go over some of the Manaus attractions within the city and attractions only a short trip away.

Meeting of Waters | Directly to the west of Manaus is where the Rio Negro, a black water river, joins with the Amazon River. These rivers have a very different composition of sediments. They are different colors and when the rivers join it creates a spectacle where black water meets the Amazon’s light brown water. You can view this on one of the Amazon cruises from Manaus as well as exploring other Amazon areas, or you can choose short trips specific for this attraction.

Teatro Amazonas | Standing proud in the Manaus centre is the Teatro Amazonas or Amazon Theatre. This building was constructed in 1896 with the finest materials available to symbolise a growing and prosperous city. Only the best materials would do for its construction, and the makers imported French glass and Italian marble to decorate their masterpiece. In the 1920s, upon the collapse of natural rubber market, the city of Manaus declined. It would only recover significantly after it was declared a duty free zone in 1967. Simply visit to admire the architecture or enjoy an opera or musical performance.

Manaus Municipal Market | If you enjoy visiting the local markets in the places you visit, a popular activity to see how the locals live and catch a little local atmosphere, you cannot miss the Municipal Market. This large market is at the edge of the Rio Negro and the building is a historic attraction in itself. You will find strange and exotic products are well as familiar favorites. You will see all the fish species the locals eat from the river as well as turtle meat, caiman meat and a diverse collection of Amazonian fruits.

Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden | A very popular attraction for visitors addicted to nature. The Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden sits in a protected area at the edge of a much larger Amazon reserve. You can see the plants of the surrounding rainforest incredibly close to the city. This is a good bet for travelers who like the idea of the Amazon Rainforest, but are not brave enough to venture out of the city. This is also a fantastic place to see Amazon insects and butterflies. You can take guided walks around the garden to learn a little about the rainforest and its wildlife.

Museu de Ciências Naturais da Amazônia | I love natural history museums and here you can see preserved animals and plants of the surrounding rainforest. Learn the scientific names of the different species and see how many you can spot on a top rated Amazon tour from Manaus. You will also see the giant Amazon fish, the Arapaima.

Ponta Negra Beach | If you like beaches, this is an interesting attraction to visit. Unlike most beaches, the Ponta Negra is on the bank of the Rio Negro, but as the river is so vast, it’s as if you’re looking out to sea. This is a nice spot to relax and see the crowds of locals enjoying the sun.

Palácio Rio Negro | The majestic former residence of a rubber baron, this is a cultural and artistic hot spot in Manaus. You can find art and cultural exhibits including example homes of Amazon indigenous people.

Museu do Índio | Here you can see a collection of Amazon Indian artifacts kept by the nuns who operate the museum. The museum depicts tools, hunting equipment and native dress of Amerindians. You can also buy locally made products from indigenous communities.

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    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

And now we have the main attraction near Manaus, the incredible Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon is the world’s largest container of life on planet Earth. You can see abundant animals and plants on one of the tours from Manaus. You can tour the Amazon River on an Amazon Cruise to see natural wonders. Setting Manaus apart from other Amazon base cities, at the Rio Negro mouth researchers have found 17 different archaeological sites depicting the incredible history of the region.

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As part of cruises in this section of Amazonia, you can tour the meeting of the waters, anavilhanas archipelago, many lakes and tributaries searching for Amazon life like dolphins, monkeys, river otters, and many colourful birds. The reserves you can visit from Manaus include the Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas (Anavilhanas National Park), Jaú National Park, Amanã Sustainable Development Reserve, and the Mamairauá Sustainable Development Reserve. As an option for Tucano Amazon Cruise guests, you can also arrange an optional city tour of the main Manaus Attractions.

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    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

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