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Manaus Restaurants

Manaus, Brazil | Restaurants

Manaus, Amazonas, northern Brazil

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Manaus Restaurants

We have collected 10 of our favorite restaurants in Manaus for a range of different tastes. This may be the Amazon Rainforest, but Manaus is a cultural hot pot where you can find local and regional cuisine, Japanese restaurants, Chinese food, Brazilian BBQ, Italian food and traditional Portuguese restaurants.

Banzeiro | Many travellers and locals alike consider Banzeiro as a contender for the best regional restaurant in Manaus. Banzeiro has earnt a reputation in Brazilian magazines for its Amazon cuisine and preparation of traditional dishes. Favourites include preparations of locally caught Tambaqui fish, juicy steaks, and duck.
Banzeiro | | Regional Cuisine

Churrascaria Bufalo | For nicely cooked beef, the Churrascaria Bufalo is a firm favourite. This is a good choice for Brazilian barbecue (known locally as rodizio) where you receive an all you can eat bounty of delicious meat skewers.
Churrascaria Bufalo | | Brazilian BBQ

  • tucano amazon cruise

    Eight Days:

    Tucano Amazon Cruise Manaus, Brazil

    The Tucano 8 Day Amazon Jungle Cruise begins in Manaus, Brazil taking you to different sections of the Amazon Rainforest. You will explore the forest in small boats with professional guides & take walks in terra firme & varzea forests on the look out for monkeys, colorful birds, reptiles, & plants. 8 Day & 5 Day Itineraries.
    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

Miako | If you’re after a Japanese restaurant in Manaus, this is a good choice. The service is very good and food is tasty and well prepared with an Amazonian touch. It’s a fantastic experience eating nigiri in the Amazon Rainforest.
Miako | Rua Sao Luiz, 230, Adrianópolis, Manaus | Japanese Cuisine

Dom Domenico | For Italian food in Manaus, a recommendation is Dom Domenico. This is possibly the best Italian restaurant in Manaus.
Dom Domenico | Alameda Tucumã, 8, Condomínio Anavilhanas, Manaus | Italian Cuisine

Casa da Sopa | This restaurant does exactly what you expect from the name, house of soup, and the soup here is fantastic. You pay first and can then eat as much as the soup as you wish from a buffet-style set up.
Casa da Sopa | | Soup & Juice

  • Amazon Clipper cruise

    Six Days:

    Amazon Clipper Cruise Manaus, Brazil

    Aboard the Amazon Clipper Jungle Cruise, you can choose from 3, 4, & 6 day itineraries to explore areas of the Amazon unreachable from other tours. The vessel’s shallow draught enables the Amazon Clipper to access hard to reach areas as we look for Amazon birds, monkeys, & plants. We leave the vessel on small boat tours to find iconic Amazon animals.

    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

Tambaqui de Banda | This is another very good restaurant for nice fish dishes and great service. The fried Tambaqui is a favourite.
Tambaqui de Banda | | Good Value Fish Dishes

Scarola Pizzaria | This is a good place for nibbles, mains and pizza. The restaurant is open late and is centrally located near the Amazon Theater. Great place for simple food.
Scarola Pizzaria | R. Dez de Julho, 739 – Centro, Manaus | Pizza & Simple Food

Alentejo | A popular choice for Manaus locals and travelers alike, this is a very good restaurant for traditional Portuguese food.
Alentejo | | Portuguese Cuisine

Village | This is another favourite with locals and tourists for a nice dinner. Many locals recommend this as one of the best restaurants in Manaus. Large portion sizes.
Village | R. Recife, 948 – Adrianópolis Manaus | Regional Inspired Dishes

  • Premium Clipper cruise

    Six Days:

    Otter Premium Cruise Manaus, Brazil

    The Otter Premium Amazon Jungle Cruise accommodates you in spacious all-outside cabins with private bathroom facilities, & hot showers. You can choose from 3, 4, or 6 day itineraries where we will leave the vessel to explore the wilderness in small guided boats to find monkeys, birds, reptiles, & plants of the Amazon Rainforest.

    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

China In A Box | If you’re after quick and tasty chinese food in Manaus, this is a good choice. Fresh and tasty noodle dishes and well prepared steak.
China In A Box | | Chinese Food

We hope you enjoy these Manaus restaurants and if you have your own suggestions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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