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Manaus Weather

Manaus, Brazil | Climate

Manaus, Amazonas, northern Brazil

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Manaus Weather

Rain in Manaus

As Manaus is located in the Amazon Rainforest, it lacks the distinct seasons characteristic to temperate regions. Here you will simply find a wet and dry season differing by the frequency and intensity of rainfall. The wet season in Manaus is from December / January to May / June where you can expect about 250 mm of rain per month. The drier season is therefore from May / June to December / January, which experiences about 150 mm of rain per month. When it rains, it usually falls with a distinct pattern beginning in late afternoon and often clears by morning. Over the wet season, however, rain can last for a few days.

  • Premium Clipper cruise

    Six Days:

    Premium Clipper Cruise Manaus, Brazil

    A premium alternative to the Amazon Clipper, aboard the Premium Clipper you can choose from 3, 4, or 6 day itineraries to explore different areas of the rainforest. We will leave the vessel with professional guides to explore tributaries of the Amazon from small boats to find iconic monkeys, birds, & plants of the rainforest.

    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

Manaus Temperature

The temperature in Manaus reflects the geographical position of Manaus. Being so close to the equator, Manaus receives a lot of the sun’s waves and this means temperature is usually hot. During the day, Manaus gets up to around 30 – 33°C (86 – 91°F) which drops to 23 – 24°C (73 – 75°F) at night. Interestingly, this drop in temperature from day to night is larger than the change between months, a contrast to temperate regions. Manaus experiences its hottest months from August to November when temperatures sometimes reach 37°C (99°F).

Manaus Humidity

The daily humidity ranges from around 50% to 90% as the day heats up. The daily high humidity doesn’t change much throughout the year, but the daily low humidity changes from about 50% in the dry season to 60% in the wet season. It should be noted that humidity is lower in the city than in the surrounding forest.

Wind in Manaus

Wind speed doesn’t really change much from a gentle breeze throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit Manaus

The best time to visit Manaus will depend on what you want to see and will reflect your personality. The wet season means channels and tributaries open up so we can get deeper into the forest to find wildlife. The wet season is also when the forest fruits and blooms, however, the dry season has lower rainfall. For more information, see the best time to visit the Amazon.

  • tucano amazon cruise

    Eight Days:

    Tucano Amazon Cruise Manaus, Brazil

    The Tucano 8 Day Amazon Jungle Cruise begins in Manaus, Brazil taking you to different sections of the Amazon Rainforest. You will explore the forest in small boats with professional guides & take walks in terra firme & varzea forests on the lookout for monkeys, colorful birds, reptiles, & plants. 8 Day & 5 Day Itineraries.
    Naturalist Guide, Different River Sections

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