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Jorupe Reserve

Jorupe Reserve, Ecuador

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The Jorupe Reserve

jorupe reserve

  • Summary Info
  • Location & Habitat
  • Wildlife
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Jorupe Reserve Summary Info

  • Name
  • Jorupe Reserve
  • Area:
  • 1500 ha
  • Habitat Type:
  • Tumbesian Dry Forest
  • Location:
  • Loja, Ecuador
  • Base City:
  • Macará
  • Accommodation:
  • Urraca Lodge
  • Find Reserve:
  • Map

jorupe reserve

Location and Habitat

Close to the town of Macara, the Jorupe Reserve overlooks Ecuador’s southern border with Peru. This reserve protects a representative portion of Tumbesian dry forest, and is home to one of the largest concentrations of endemic and range-restricted animals and plants on Earth. The reserve covers over 1500 ha.

Vegetation here is very diverse and there are a large number of different habitats from arid scrub to semi-evergreen pre-montane forest. The Jorupe Reserve is dotted with giant ceiba trees you can see while exploring the extensive trail network around the Jorupe Lodge (Urraca Lodge). The pastureland around the Jorupe lodge is now being reforested and species are slowly returning to the forest.

jorupe reserve


Research in the Jorupe Reserve shows the protected area is home to around 190 different birds including many endemic to the Tumbesian environment.
Birds you may find in the reserve include:

  • Pale-browed Tinamou
  • Grey-cheeked Parakeet
  • Slaty Becard
  • Grey-breasted Flycatcher
  • Elegant Crescentchest
  • Blackish-headed Spinetail
  • Rufous-necked Foliage-gleaner
  • Henna-hooded Foliage-gleaner
  • White-tailed Jays
  • Watkins’ Antpitta
  • Black-capped Sparrow
  • White-edged Oriole
  • King Vulture

jorupe reserve

Urraca Lodge – Visiting the Jorupe Reserve

The Urraca Lodge was built in 2008 to encourage visitation to the reserve and to show off the area’s biodiversity. The lodge was built in a small clearing on a ridge looking over the Jorupe Valley to the mountains of Peru. The lodge was designed to be as open as possible so you can fully experience the forest.

Most of the endemic bird species in the reserve can be seen from the comfort of the lodge including white-tailed jays that gave the name to the lodge. There are trails that go through the reserve and lead to six comfortable cabins in the forest, each with its own amazing view. The reserve has an extensive trail network accessed from the Urraca Lodge you can walk during your stay.

  • what lodge amazon rainforest

    Double Room:

    Urraca Lodge Macará, Ecuador

    This newly constructed lodge is located near Macará on the outskirts of the Amazon Basin. The lodge provides guests an opportunity to explore the recently established Jorupe Reserve, which is filled with avian diversity. The lodge itself has been strategically placed for birding opportunities. The extensive trail network winds its way through the forest between the giant Ceiba trees.

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