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Yasuni National Park

Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

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Yasuni National Park

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Yasuni National Park Summary Info

  • Name
  • Yasuni National Park
  • Area:
  • 9,820 km2
  • Habitat Type:
  • Tropical Forest
  • Location:
  • Pastaza, Ecuador
  • Base City:
  • Shell

Yasuni National Park Info

The Yasuni National Park contains over 9,820 km2 of tropical rainforest habitat in the Napo and Pastaza province of Ecuador and was recognised as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1989. The Yasuni National Park contains several out of contact indigenous tribes as well as the Huaorani tribe who have adopted ecotourism both to share their culture and to highlight their struggle against oil companies that constantly threaten the park. The Yasuni National Park is unfortunately situated on the world’s largest undeveloped oil reserve. This is unfortunate as this section of the Amazon Rainforest is thought to contain the highest levels of biodiversity on Earth, higher than other areas of western Amazon Rainforest renowned for exceptionally high species richness.

Animals of the Yasuni National Park

The park contains record breaking numbers of different animals including amphibians, bats, birds, insects, and fish. The Yasuni National Park also contains a healthy population of jaguars and other large mammals and includes very rare monkeys like the golden-mantled tamarin.

Visiting the Yasuni National Park

To visit the Yasuni National Park, you can stay at the Napo Wildlife Center. Enjoy a comfortable experience at the community-owned lodge where you will guided on rainforest travel by members of the Kichwa Añangu community.

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