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Rainforest Amphibians

Amphibians of the Amazon Rainforest

Rainforest Amphibians

rainforest amphibians

  • Atelopus
  • True Toad

Amphibians were the first vertebrates to establish themselves on land. First appearing 360 million years ago, they evolved directly from lobe-finned fish. They are cold blooded, have moist skin, and lack scales or claws.

Classification – Amphibians

There are three orders of Amphibia: the limbless caecilians that resemble earthworms, salamanders that have cylindrical bodies, distinct heads, and well-developed limbs e.g. newts; and the Anura, or frogs and toads. Anura means lacking a tail. The anurans differ by having stout bodies, no tail, and a continuous head and body.

Amphibians of the Amazon Rainforest

Poison Dart Frogs (Dendrobatidae)Waxy Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa sauvagii)

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