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Poison Arrow Tree Frog

Poison Arrow Tree Frog

poison arrow tree frog

  • Dart Frog
  • Family: Dendrobatidae
  • 15 – 60 mm
  • Ant and mite specialists

The poison arrow tree frog, or poison dart frog, gets its name from the neurological toxin discovered long ago by the Choco Indians to aid in hunting. Poison dart frogs belong to the scientific family Dendrobatidae, which includes the most poisonous amphibians on Earth.

The toxin can be strong enough to kill a monkey and can cause considerable damage to humans. As with most toxic animals, they are beautifully coloured as a warning to would be predators. Most animals have acquired knowledge to be weary of bright colourings through evolution, as they generally indicate the animal is harmful is some respect (usually possessing toxins). 

Parental Care

Many species of poison arrow tree frog exhibit parental care. Often, the tadpole is transported on the adult’s back to a small body of water that acts as a nursery where the tadpole is fed and raised.

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poison arrow tree frog

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