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Rainforest Toucan Facts

Rainforest Toucan Facts

rainforest toucan facts

  • Toucan
  • Size: up to 63 cm
  • Diet: Mainly Fruit
  • Diurnal

Toucans have large brightly coloured bills with prominent colourful markings on their plumage. They are a very compact bird with a short body, short neck, and small wings. For more toucan photos & info on species to see in the Amazon, see Amazon Rainforest Toucans.

Rainforest toucans live in small flocks of around six individuals in forested areas and generally only fly over short distances. Flying generally consists of rapid wing beats followed by a prolonged period of gliding. Their bill is the most prominent feature, which in some species can measure half their body length. The bill is thought to provide the birds with a temperature control device, as well as being used by males to compete with rival males in fencing displays.

Toucans spend much of their time in the rainforest canopy, nesting in hollows dug out by other animals. Toucans lay about four eggs each year. Although mainly frugivorous in diet, toucans plunder other bird nests taking eggs and nestlings. The Amazon Rainforest has the highest diversity of toucan species.

Places to see wild Rainforest Toucans

  • posada amazonas jungle lodge, puerto maldonado

    Three Days:

    Posada Amazonas Lodge Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    This is one of the most recommended Amazon tours from Puerto Maldonado if you’re interested in a short visit. The Posada Amazonas is only 45 minutes from Puerto Maldonado & you can still catch sight of fantastic wildlife at the canopy tower & parrot clay lick. You can tour the lake in search of river otters, have a massage in the wellness center, & enjoy activities like canopy climbing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

    Canopy Tower, Wellness Center
  • refugio amazonas jungle lodge, puerto maldonado

    Five Days:

    Refugio Amazonas Lodge Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    If you’re looking for child friendly Amazon tours, this lodge has the only children’s trail in the entire Amazon Rainforest making it ideal for a family adventure. We will tour Lake Condenado and climb the Canopy Tower to view animals of the vast Tambopata National Reserve, and after a rainforest walk, you can relax in the wellness center with aromatherapy treatments or a massage.

    Children’s Trail, Wellness Center
  • tambopata research center, puerto maldonado

    Seven Days:

    Tambopata Research Center Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    This is the most remote Amazon tour from Puerto Maldonado & there are only a few others tours in the entire Amazon Rainforest that take you this far into the jungle. You will share the lodge with macaw researchers & will be shown the Amazon Rainforest’s largest macaw clay lick. View monkeys & other iconic Amazon wildlife on trail walks & enjoy activities like jungle mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding & more.

    Remote Location, Macaw Clay Lick

rainforest toucan facts

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