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Amazon Squirrel Monkey

Amazon Squirrel Monkey

Amazon Squirrel Monkey

  • Squirrel Monkey
  • Genus: Saimiri
  • Size: 26 – 36 cm
  • Diurnal

The Amazon squirrel monkey is one of the most inquisitive tropical rainforest animals to encounter. Squirrel monkeys have short, thick, soft, often brightly coloured fur. Commonly squirrel monkeys have white patches around the eyes, ears, and throat, while the rest of their body is a mixture of orange and grey. They have large, close-set eyes and lack a prehensile tail.

Activity and Groups

The best time to see these monkeys is early morning. They sometimes approach visitors out of curiosity and even throw small items onto onlookers. They generally form larger groups than other monkeys of the New World, which consist of 120 – 300 or more individuals in areas of unaltered Amazon rainforest.


The calls of squirrel monkeys are diverse and specific to alarm, courtship, dominance, and pain. Around 26 different calls have been recorded.


Despite pressures from hunting and the pet trade, the majority remain abundant. Squirrel monkeys are classed as one of the most abundant South American primates. On the other hand, one of the species (S. vanzolinii) occupies the smallest geographic range of any monkey in South America.

Viewing Wild Squirrel Monkeys

For a good chance of seeing squirrel monkeys and other tropical rainforest animals you can visit the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve to visit the primate research facility.

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amazon squirrel monkey

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