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Rainforest Tamarins

what do tamarins eat

  • Tamarins
  • Genus: Saguinus
  • Live In: Amazon
  • Active: Diurnal
  • Size: 17 – 34 cm

Tamarins have a diverse diet, eating much of what they find. They preferentially eat soft fruit, nectar, birds eggs, snails, plant exudates, and a range of small invertebrates and vertebrates.

Tamarins are very diverse in appearance and their look is dependent on species. Some lack hair on the face whereas others possess it, some species have ornaments such as the moustache present in Saguinus mystax and S. imperator, or the mane present in the lion tamarin of the genus Leontopithecus.

Tamarin Groups

Groups normally range from 2 to 11 individuals and adults frequently migrate between troops. The tamarin monkey groups are able to suppress female fertility in all but the dominant female. They display minimal intragroup aggression with a high degree of tolerance and cooperation.Tamarin groups are highly variable. They often include a single reproductive female and two or more adult males, but sometimes are a single pair of adults. Rarely, groups can consist of two reproductive females and one or more males.

More Tamarin Facts

An interesting tamarin fact is that, like closely related marmosets, the tail is not prehensile and they lack an opposable thumb. Tamarins and marmosets are also similar as males gnaw branches and soak them with urine for scent communication.

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What Do Tamarins Eat

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