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Common Woolly Monkey

Common Woolly Monkey

common woolly monkey

  • Woolly Monkey
  • Genus: Lagothrix
  • Size: 50 – 65 cm
  • Diurnal

The common woolly monkey gets its name from having short, thick, close-curled fur. Some individuals have a darker covering of fur on their head, but their naked face is always black. They have a prehensile tail, which is bare and leathery on the under-surface to provide grip.

Groups and Habitat

Common woolly monkeys are found in the canopy of the tallest trees as well as in the shrub layer, often in groups of 30 – 40 individuals. Within these groups the males maintain an intragroup hierarchy by aggressive dominance displays.

Woolly Monkey Facts and Threats

Other interesting woolly monkey facts are that when they venture down to the ground, they walk upright holding their arms outwards to maintain balance.  They are more susceptible to hunting than other monkeys because of their large size and reported flavour of their meat. 

Common woolly monkeys are also desired as pets and fetch $80 each. The mother must be killed in order to steal her infant, and it is estimated that 10 females die for every infant brought to market. If you ever see a sign for “monkey for sale” during your travels, please be aware.

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common woolly monkey

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