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Jungle Anaconda

Jungle Anaconda

  • Anaconda
  • Genus: Eunectes
  • Up to 9 metres
  • Nocturnal

Anacondas are the world’s heaviest snake, reaching 250 kg. Jungle Anacondas spend the majority of their lives partially submerged in water in areas with thick vegetation. Here they can conceal themselves amongst the foliage.

Seeing Wild Anacondas

The best places to see Anaconda are the wetlands like the Los Llanos or the Pantanal. To stand the best chance of seeing wild anaconda, you should arrange a tour in the dry season when there is less water for the anacondas to hide.

Hunting and Activity

Hunting mainly after dark, they are ambush predators and usually lay completely submerged at the waters edge for prey. At the waters edge they wait for animals to approach and drink. An anaconda will eat most things that will fit into their enormous mouth and body.

Anaconda Facts

Anacondas can consume tapir and even adult caiman, produce litters of 4 – 40 young taking 6 years to reach maturity, and an anaconda snake can live in excess of 25 years. Below you can see a fantastic anaconda video presented by David Attenborough.

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