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Fer De Lance & Venom

Fer De Lance

fer de lance venom

  • Fer de Lance
  • Genus: Bothrops
  • Size: to 2 m
  • Diet: Small vertebrates

Lanceheads are a group of South America’s most venomous snakes. Lanceheads have a pointed and unelevated snout which gives them their common name. They prefer to bask in the sun on manmade forest trails, so pose considerable risk for walkers. But if you are walking with a professional guide the risk is minimal, as guides know the snakes well and encounter them regularly. The snakes choose to avoid human contact if they can. Even if encountered, they resort to defence displays first alerting animals of their presence.

Medical Use of Fer De Lance Venom

Alongside their dangerous image comes research used to benefit human health. Venom research of these snakes has revealed the drug Capoten, a billion dollar drug used in the treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes.

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