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Social Spiders (Across Nine Scientific Families)

Social Spiders (Anelosimus eximius)

  • Social Spiders
  • Work Together
  • Build Large Webs

The main spiders of the rainforest to fascinate Darwin were the social spiders. They can build large webs engulfing entire trees and work together to bring down prey many times their size. Social spiders are generally very small, so we are talking locusts as opposed to movie style people eaters. In the Amazon, these spiders can easily be spotted in hammock shaped webs along tributaries of the Amazon River.

Sociality is not restricted to Amazon rainforest spiders but the most often studied is a Neotropical species named Anelosimus eximius. I found this species on the Rio Tahuayo while enjoying a stay at the Tahuayo Lodge (located in Peru near the city of Iquitos.

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