How to get to the Amazon Rainforest

To get to the Amazon Rainforest, you can arrange flights to either Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado, or Cusco in Peru; or to experience the Brazilian Amazon, Manaus in northern Brazil. From these places, you can embark on a recommended Amazon Tour and experience the majesty of the rainforest.

Iquitos (Peru) is the Amazon city I am most familiar with. I have visited this city twice and stayed for around five months. It is a small, charming city and there are many things to do in Iquitos. After arriving at the small airport you will collect baggage from the conveyor and, if you have booked a tour, will be greeted by your host. If you have yet to book a tour, you can take one of the motocarros (a converted three wheel motorcycle with a seat at the back for three people) to the city center and your hotel. The hot, humid air against your skin will let you know you are somewhere special.

How to get to the Amazon Rainforest near Iquitos

If you’re wondering what to do in the Amazon Rainforest, one of the most recommended tours from Iquitos is the Tahuayo Lodge, which is situated in the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve. After arranging a tour you will either be greeted at the airport or arrive at their office. From here you begin a three hour boat journey taking you 150 km along the Amazon River. The journey itself is fantastic as you see the locals with their canoes catching fish between the forest covered banks of the river. You may also spot the large basic rafts many locals use to transport goods to Iquitos from many kilometers away.

When you arrive at the lodge, you will meet your guide who will take you into the Amazon Rainforest. Depending on the time of year and location, you will canoe or hike into the forest to give the best opportunity for wildlife observation.

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Aside from observing wild nature, there are other Amazon Rainforest attractions close to Iquitos you can explore before or after your trip.

First, you are collected in the Delfin limo-styled coach from Iquitos airport and you will then cruise in comfort to explore the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. After relaxing with Peru’s famous cocktail, you will board the Delfin II to enjoy massages & sophisticated cuisine by candle-light. Delfin provide 8 person skiffs & modern Kayaks so you can explore the Pacaya Samiria National Park in detail to experience the sounds and views of this giant flooded tropical forest.

How to get to the Amazon Rainforest from Manaus

If you’re going to the Amazon Rainforest near Manaus in Brazil, one of the most recommended Amazon tours is the Tucano Amazon Cruise. For this you make your way to the Hotel Tropical on the river bank where you can relax before commencing a seven day expedition cruise into the forest. On expedition cruises, you are encouraged to leave the vessel at regular intervals for rainforest walks with naturalist guides. On walks, you will have many photo opportunities for Amazon wildlife.

After each day’s walk, you will relax on board and travel to another untouched location in the Amazon Rainforest. During this time, you can participate in group discussions with the guides about what you have seen or relax on one of the ship’s decks. You will then return to the Hotel Tropical after the full seven day tour in preparation for your return journey home, or on to another location.

The Amazon Rainforest covers around one and a half billion acres and stretches down to southern Peru. If you’re wondering how to get to the Amazon Rainforest from here, you can organise Amazon Jungle Tours from either Cusco or Puerto Maldonado. You will then visit either the Tambopata reserve or Manu National Park. Manu National Park is regarded as one of the most pristine National Parks in South America.

For a recommendation, have a look at the rainforest surrounding the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest gateway of Puerto Maldonado.

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