Iquitos to Manaus

How to get from Iquitos to Manaus is a common questions people ask. Both of these cities are in the Amazon Rainforest and are along the Amazon River. Because they’re…

Amazon Rainforest Spa Treatment

The perfect complement to your stay at Refugio Amazonas or Posada Amazonas, Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Experience the luxuries we offer to help you relax, rejuvenate and beautify yourself. The main…

Jungle Travel

Jungle travel can be one of the most rewarding travel options as jungles (dense rainforests) contain the highest diversity of life on Earth. Here, you can watch animals and plants…

What Does Ecotourism Mean

The photo above was taken at the Posada Amazonas Lodge, Peru – a community-owned rainforest lodge. Ecotourism is the practice of visiting natural habitats while trying to minimise ecological impact….

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