Amazon Rainforest Attractions

Photo of a macaw clay lick at the Tambopata Research Center, Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

There are many attractions in the Amazon rainforest. Amazon Rainforest Attractions include catching a glimpse of primal Earth as it was a few millions years ago and seeing the plethora of diverse and interesting wildlife.

This article also has suggestions of some nature activities in the Amazon Rainforest and brief descriptions of recommended Amazon Rainforest tours. For a quick look, you can see the guide to the top Amazon Rainforest Lodges in Peru or a guide to the best luxury Amazon tours.

Aside from wildlife, which is by far the biggest draw to the Amazon, there are also hidden attractions in each of the Amazon Rainforest’s urban centers. The architecture of these areas depicts a bygone era linked to the rise of the bicycle.

Bicycles required rubber, which was sourced from Hevea brasiliensis, the rubber tree (native to the Amazon Basin). This craze in a distant land brought an influx of wealth to these areas. With the wealth came migration and excessive symbols of prosperity like the opera house in Brazil’s gateway to the amazon, Manaus.

The Teatro Amazonas, as it is called, was constructed from the finest materials around, including French glass and Italian marble. A tour of the city combined with a 7 day cruise of the Amazon Rainforest and River can be arranged by one of National Geographic’s most recommended tours, the Tucano Amazon Cruise.

In Peru, Iquitos is also home to Amazon Rainforest Attractions despite not as eccentric as those of its Amazonian neighbour. One of the attractions the locals enjoy near the city is Lake Quistococha where you can relax on the sands or go for a paddle in provided canoes. Quistococha incorporates a restaurant, a small botanical garden and a rather basic zoological park. The park also has various local legends written along the way.

Another of the Amazon Rainforest Attractions near Iquitos that is definitely worth a visit is the Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm. Owned and operated by a caring and friendly woman named Gudrun to care for abandoned, orphaned or rescued Amazon wildlife, the farm houses some iconic amazon animals. Here you can find jaguar, tapir, and several monkeys.

One of the monkeys rescued was used my thieves to steal money and jewelry from tourists, much like the monkey in Aladin. He still remembers the habit, so be careful if this friendly monkey comes to give you a hug as you may lose your watch.

Ecuador is another fantastic place to explore for the Amazon Rainforest. The rainforest in Ecuador accounts for one of the most wildlife-sections of Amazonia and there are some fantastic rainforest lodges in Ecuador, such as the Sacha Lodge with its incredible canopy walkway that has to be experienced and seen to be believed.

Another Amazon Rainforest Attraction worth a visit is the Alto del Águila in Puerto Narino, a short boat ride from Leticia, Colombia. This hotel is owned and operated by a Friar named Hector and profits go to help a local school.

I found this place akin to Noah’s Ark, as there are two of several animals that seem to enjoy spending time here. The most notable are two mischievous capuchin monkeys that wont think twice about stealing your coffee or food. You will then hear Friar Hector’s catchphrase, “Monkey, no!”

The hotel is basic but the well maintained gardens and free-to-use canoe make the area a fantastic place to relax after one of the many Amazon Jungle Tours.

Another Amazon Rainforest Attraction is the markets in Puerto Bellavista Nanay, close to Iquitos in northern Peru. Here you can see the sustainably sourced fruit sold to locals from the nearby Pacaya Samiria National Park.

A local fruit not to be missed is a small tart citrus fruit named camu-camu. From Nanay, you can arrange boat trips to other Amazon Rainforest Attractions close to Iquitos city.

What attractions are you most looking forward to seeing in the Amazon? Are you mainly going to see Amazon animals and plants? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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