Wild Capybara

Wild capybara are the largest living rodents. They have a rectangular head, coarse brown hair, small high-set eyes, and webbed feet. They have an average litter of four which live together in a crèche with others. Capybaras have one litter per year and nursing mothers suckle any youngster that demands milk.

Farming Capybara

Due to their life history traits, capybaras are able to be farmed for meat, leather, and oil, which happens in some areas of South America.

Best Places to See Wild Capybara

Wild Capybara are hard to spot in the Amazon Rainforest as in forests they occur in groups of two to six, but in the open grasslands of South America (Los Llanos or Pantanal) they can be seen in very large groups where they are the main prey of jaguar. The wetlands of South America, such as the Pantanal, are the best areas to see wild capybara as they are not obscured by vegetation, while still offering ideal capybara habitat.

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